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All work herein © Marcelle Natisin (MNat). Use of work without written permission from the artist is punishable by law.


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United States
Sprung fully formed from beneath a mossy rock, MNat now roams the foggy regions of northern California with two very annoying cats. Since graduating in 2010 from the Academy of Art with a BFA in Illustration, she subsists largely on a diet of tea and books. She currently whiles away her time with freelance illustration and reading.

She does not always refer to herself in the third person.


The Vampire Tower
by Marcelle Natisin

There is a structure outside the city of Londinium called The Vampire Tower.

In the early days of photography, a gentleman by the name of Lord Rufus Klickington, a man of means spending his retirement in his family’s summer home, took an interest in photographing the tower. Klickington purchased, at great cost, the newest advancements in photography at every new season. Each afternoon for over two decades, Lord Klickington walked into the fields outside his country home and took picture after picture of the tower. Lady Klickington later stated that this ritual seemed a great passion of his, but stopped short of using the word obsession. The word obsession, she said, was unseemly.

Whether one calls it passion or obsession, one cannot argue that even on the day he died, despite complaining that very morning of head pains, Lord Klickington still took his daily walk out into the fields, doggedly carrying his photography equipment, and was later found dead after suffering an apoplexy.

And despite the thousands of pictures Klickington took, ten-thousand to be exact, the tower has not been captured on film even once.

Originally thought to be nothing more than amateur landscape photography, these images became known as the Klickington Folio. In the five years since Klickington’s death, his experiment has been repeated by both people of science and hobbyists to no avail.

Even now, it is considered fashionable for folk to drive their motor cars out of the perpetual smog of the city and picnic in the sweetly provincial cow pastures of the countryside as they attempt to photograph the unphotographable tower.

What is known about The Vampire Tower is this:

1. The tower appears to be made of steel, is tapered somewhat like an hourglass, and has no visible windows or doors. It has a pronged crown that is described as looking like the horns of a stag beetle, and exactly six spires.

2. There is no written record of when the tower first appeared. Some claim it was always there, while others claim it appeared some time between 1885 and 1890. There are cases of individuals who cannot see the tower with the naked eye until it is pointed out to them, and thereafter they can see it with great clarity. One such case involved a young lady who claimed to see the tower with such clarity that she described statues atop each of the spires. The young lady claimed these statues were of hooded human figures, yet this claim has never been corroborated. The young lady made several personal sketches of these statues but they were of an unsettling quality.

3. No matter what one’s distance in relation to the tower, it appears the same impossibly large size. An experiment was once undertaken wherein a group of researchers attempted to examine the tower using a number of spyglasses, binoculars and telescopes. The tower appeared unmagnified regardless of the magnification lens used.

4. Though an expedition to the tower was mounted in 1892, there are no recorded incidents of anyone reaching it. All members of the expedition reported severe symptoms of fatigue and mental strain.

5. At night, there are lights.

It has been noted that each iron spire that crowns the tower alights with a pinpoint of red light each evening, and these red lights slowly blink on and off until the daylight hours, constant and unchanging. Sometimes, a single red light, pulsing in time with the tower’s lights, can be seen shining from the direction of the northern sea. The second anomaly keeps an inconsistent schedule. It does not appear every night, and not at all in the months between January and August.  Yet researchers have observed that the second anomaly appears between September and December, and have noticed a correlation between it’s appearance and nights when coastal fog is the most dense.

Despite its colloquial name, the Queen’s Royal Government has officially named The Vampire Tower Anomaly 422 and the light over the northern sea Anomaly 423. There have been no official statements regarding the other 421 anomalies that may have come before.
Carpe Noctem: The Ice Rose by MNat
Carpe Noctem: The Ice Rose

"Caro felt a cold like a mountain breeze creeping out from behind the glass. Carefully, she laid her hands on either side of the enclosure. The glass stung like ice, shocking the breath from her lungs. For a moment, she felt as if she was back in the sanatorium, the nurses holding her arms as they shoved her down into the tub of frigid water. She caught her breath, shaking the memory from her mind, but her teeth began to chatter.

The gem was a palm sized, spiny flower carved of crystal, perfectly deserving of the dramatic title 'The Ice Rose'…

But now it was time to get rid of it. "

I wrote a thing, I drew a thing! I continue to work on my thesis, based on my YA vampire story Carpe Noctem. (working title)

The Pearl of the Soul of the World by MNat
The Pearl of the Soul of the World
More work inspired by Meredith Ann Pierce's YA Sci-fi/fantasy epic, the Darkangel Trilogy.
A Gathering of Gargoyles by MNat
A Gathering of Gargoyles
Same theme, different year-->…
Inspired by Meredith Ann Pierce's YA Sci-fi/fantasy epic, the Darkangel Trilogy.
Carpe Noctem: The Hunger by MNat
Carpe Noctem: The Hunger
The door floated opened with the slightest touch of her hand and light from the hall poured in to illuminate a sliver of cold stone floor. Someone had spilled what appeared to be a wasteful amount of ink, enough to form rivers that pooled into a single drain at the center of the little room.

It took a moment for her eyes to pick out the odd shape crouched on the floor. To her embarrassment, she saw that it was clothed only in the inky black stuff. Its long arms, its over-large, clawed hands, were all slick with darkness. A single large glob rolled off its chin and splattered at its feet. Strings of something distinctly meaty hung between its knife-sharp teeth.

Not ink, Caro realized. Not ink. 

The thing raised its head and fixed her with one shining eye.

I beg your pardon, Miss Caroline,” it said with her friend Cadmus’ voice. “But would you be so kind as to shut the door?”

I wrote a thing, I drew a thing! I continue to work on my thesis, based on my YA vampire story Carpe Noctem. (working title)


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